Indoor Plant Stand

To me it does not matter whether it is an antique or a modern construction - an indoor plant stand or plant stand sets are a must for a spacious, modern day property. This page is dedicated to reviewing the most popular choices of contemporary plant stands available on the market at present and giving you a bit of background on modern plant stands.

Great Ideas 3-tier Corner Etagere Potted Plant Display Stand

This striking plant stand is designed for indoor and outdoor use due to the fact it is made out of ABS polymer which is very durable. It's worth noting that ABS polymer will not rust or suffer from corrosion damage like most metallic contemporary plant stands.

The material is very easy-clean due to the glossy coat of the item. As you may of noticed the item has water draining gullies on each shelf so you can water the plants without moving the pots.

The item is handy for indoor use due to the fact that it shape allows it to be used as a corner plant pot in most rooms.

When first opening the item we were a little worried about the assembly of the item but thankfully it turned out to be quick and simple to assemble. It is not a huge plant stand but it is a realistic size for indoor and outdoor use. The dimensions for the product are listed below:

  • The height is 49cm or 1ft 7.5"
  • The width and the depth is 40.5cm or 1ft 4"
  • Actual length of the bottom shelf is 61cm or 2ft
  • The depth of shelves 15cm or 6"
  • Each shelf stands at approx. 17.5cm or 7" higher than the next
  • Unfortunately there is only one color - connaught green.
The product is popular for front porches or a landscaped patio but it is meant for inside and outside use - it fits perfectly into many different indoors situations. If you are looking for more information on the product then simply click the link below:


Flavie Flower Column in Brass

A very high quality, good looking contemporary indoor plant stand. The stand is made out of polished brass and boasts a 3  tier display stand for 3 separate plants.

Item is built in Germany to a high standard out of steel ( the finish is brass ). As with most of these items there assembly is required but it is not at all difficult. 

The product dimensions are - 34 x 34 x 60cm and the boxed product weight is 998g. If you are interested in further information on this plant stand simply click the link below:



Walnut 4 Tier Flower Column Plant Stand / Hall / Telephone Table

Now for something a little different to the other contemporary plant stands listed here - a plant stand and a telephone table combo. 

As you can see from the picture it is a 4 tier table and it commands a budget price compared to a lot of plant stands. The color ( or finish ) of the plant stand is in Walnut.

The dimensions of the product are - 

Width 100cm, height 45cm and depth 35cm.

The product is delivered in a flat-pack format but again, it is reasonably easy to assemble. As I mentioned above item has an attractive price and if you want to find out more about the plant stand simply click the link below:



Garden Star 3-tier Etagere Potted Plant Display Stand 

Again, this product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The product is made from durable ABS polymer so it will not rust or corrode like typical metals. 

Depending on the plant pot sizes - the product usually houses six traditional sized pots. It is an easy wipe clean product due to it's special gloss finish.

The shelves are designed for easy drainage of water so not to damage the plant roots - as you can see from the picture this is done with the aid of water gullies.

Item comes with assembly instructions that are very easy to use and set up.

The dimensions of the product are as follows : 

- Height 49cm (1ft 7.5"); 
- Width 58cm (1ft 10.75"); 
- Depth 44cm (1ft 5.25"); 
- Each shelf: Length 58cm (1ft 10.75"); Depth 16cm (6.25"); 
- Elevation: each shelf stands approx. 17.5cm (7") higher than the next; 
- Colour: Connaught green only.

If you are interested in finding out more information about this product then simply click the click provided below: 


Modern Plant Stand - Add Character To Your Home

Plant stands are very decorative space fillers for the home introducing more plant life in indoor areas but they can be used for other things to. If you run out of room on the mantle piece or your shelves are already cluttered indoor plant stands can act as a great display - I have one in my living room and it holds 2 slip-ware ceramic vases and looks great.

A lot of people are put off keeping plants indoors due to the responsibility of general care and watering of them. This is easily avoided by using 'fake' plants to display on your plant stand. You can purchase artificial silk plants and some of these look stunning when it comes to a modern plant stand.

It does not really matter what you plan to display your plant stand you must make sure that it enhances the area you put it in. Try and make sure the plant compliments the plant stand you are putting it on - you have a large choice to choose out of so take your time and think it through properly.

As well as this you should really make sure the plant stand is suitable for what it needs to support. Consider the proportions of the plant in relation to the plant stand with care as you want a good balance. You don't want a really heavy, bulky item sitting on top of a small elaborate stand that looks like it's legs are going to buckle at any moment. If you do own more delicate smaller plant stands consider displaying 'fern' plants on them.

Plants can be very colorful depending on the species - take this color into account. The color of your plants will contrast with the color of your plant stand. Complementary colors or neutral tones should be considered when purchasing a plant stand. Using a plant pot that will be aesthetically pleasing is a must - the top of the plant stand should always be a little bit bigger than the plant pot it is displaying. 

Most indoor and outdoor plant stands are reasonably tall, this takes us on to the next point. You should always make sure you have a solid and level floor. The most problematic of indoor surfaces is usually a carpeted area - try not to use the 'pedestal' type plant stand in carpeted situations.

Plant Stands In Winter 

No matter what time of year it is, modern plant stands will always have their benefits. Whether it be keeping rabbits away from the plant leaves or erasing the chance of plant stains to a carpet each plant stand has serves a unique purpose. Plant stands can look very impressive in a kept garden but what happens when the winter months arrive? A lot of the plants will have to be moved indoors to keep them protected and contemporary plant stands can aid this process.

By having your outdoor plants on plant stands it is easy to transfer them inside your home for safe keeping. Once inside they make very attractive displays for the winter months. 

Always remember to keep the taller plants on shorter plant stands and put them to the sides or at the back of display - sort of like creating a wall of green behind the smaller plants.

Since plants need light, it is best to place them near a window. In many homes, unfortunately, that is also where the heater is located. If that is so, transfer your plant display to another bright area in the room and possibly consider adding a light.

Drip trays are always going to be important when it comes to displaying your plant stands inside. Is does not matter what the plant pots are made from - always use drip trays.

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