Cat Tree Furniture

Anyone who owns more than one feline friend will at some point realize they probably need some cat tree furniture or cat tree building plans. This is down to the amount of damage a bored cat can naturally do to your home. 

A wood cat tree is covered by a rough material and is considered a acceptable place for your cat to scratch ( instead of your best sofa ). Cats have to scratch because of an in-built natural urge. When the scratch they get rid of the dirt stuck on their paws and it is also a form of them marking their territory ( when they scratch they release odor from their sweat glands on each paw ). 

 Cat Tree Condo

A cat tree is also referred to as a cat stand or a cat condo. They are not just meant for scratching habits but also for the cat to sit/sleep, exercise and relax on. Cats love to be high up so they can scan their whole surroundings. It is common for a large cat tree to include sisal rope to encourage the cat to use the tree as a scratching item.

A cat tree gets it name because it usually stands tall with various different platforms on different levels. 

Cat Tree Construction - Cat Climbing Trees

If your thinking of building your own unique cat tree there is a product available to aid you. Best Cat Trees is designed to help you construct a superior cat tree using their cat tree building plans. The plans are set out in a step-by-step format which is easy for beginners to follow. The e-book does not just throw one cat tree plan at you then hope for the best - it actually offers plans for 11 different models. 

You may be forgiven in thinking the plans included in this e-book are crammed together in a confusing manner due to the amount of plans covered ( 11 in all ) but this is not the case - the book contains 102 pages with 280 detailed diagrams. There are examples of a couple of sample pages from Best Cat Trees included below:

As you may have noticed there are options to purchase ready-made tall cat trees on this page but they do come with a obvious price tag to them. By building your own unique cat tree you are cutting the costs considerably and considering Best Cat Trees only costs $9.95 your savings will be considerable. Of course you will have to purchase the materials but the e-book will guide you on buying the right materials and in turn you will avoid making costly mistakes.

The Pros And Cons of Best Cat Trees

The Pros 

  • The product contains a complete materials list so stick to it - don't go wasting money on things you think you might need when in reality you don't.
  • The e-book is based on 11 different popular cat tree plans so you have a lot of options when it comes to choice.
  • The product comes with 3 free bonus plans - Triangle & square condos, Sleeping box and See-saw scratcher. 
  • The product only costs $9.95.
  • The e-book is full of professional designs put into a simple step-by-step format.

 The Cons

  • There isn't really a downside to this product as it does deliver what it says it will on every point. I will say that some of the designs were a little difficult but bearing in mind the designs are tagged as professional.
  • You will need to purchase a handful of basic tools to complete your cat tree with bed - these tools are not mentioned at first but they do not cost much at all

If you are interested in the product 'Best Cat Trees' then you can visit their official website for a more in-depth look at the product then simply click the link below: 

                                             CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS TO THE BEST CAT TREES WEBSITE

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