Growing Organic Foods

Organic food growing is becoming more and more popular due to the modern day concerns of preservatives and pesticides used in the production of most large store products. Personally, I have looked at many different claims on why organic food is better for you and there are quite a few reasons that stand out to me. 

Organic food is known to be better for the lands natural wildlife. If you take an organic based farm and compare it to a farm that is a much more conventional farm you will see a difference in wildlife trends. Growing organic vegetables is also much better for the surrounding soil - this is largely down to the fact that organic soils contain a lot more epigeal arthropods. These are basically the worm-like creatures and insects that live in the soil.

Non Organic Food 

Supermarkets and big food stores are not interested in anybody's health no matter what they try to claim in big-time TV commercials. They, like the producers of food, are in it for the money - simple! The supermarkets and stores get to choose what foods they offer you - organic or otherwise, but the end choice of what we eat is ultimately down to us. Non organic food contains what is termed as chemical toxins. These are not good news for your insides. Chemical toxins are known to in some cases seriously damage your cells and this in turn can be the cause of malfunction to your liver, kidneys, lungs and even your skin.

Modern day conventional crops are usually covered in pesticides and various types of chemical fertilizers. The most worrying fact about these chemical fertilizers and pesticides is that they are designed to kill certain lifeforms that may eat away and damage the food. Do you really want to put these types of chemicals inside you - if you thoroughly wash your food it will make very little difference, the food will still contain these chemicals.

There is also a 'weight' or 'diet' factor related to these toxins that are put in your non organic food. When your body discovers a toxin it is unsure about it locks it up inside of body fat. So your body starts to produce body fat to contain the constant supply of toxins put in your body - not good news for those who are constantly watching their weight.


Organic Food Better - More Nutrients

There is evidence that organic foods contain more natural nutrients than non organic food. When crops grow they are continuously receiving their nutrients from the soil they are situated in. Non-organic farms tend to 'over-farm' their soil in turn taking out the high nutrient content. One recommended technique used whilst growing organic foods is to use crop rotation - this keeps the soil full of the important nutrients.

The chemicals ( or toxins ) we keep on mentioning actually destroy the microorganisms that reside in the soil. These microorganisms naturally help keep the soil healthy.

 Non Organic Food - Genetically Modified

In recent times modern day commercial crops have undergone something called genetic modification to help improve taste and to make the crops bigger in size and volume. This is a clever invention - there's no getting away from that, but here's the problem: by eating these foods that are genetically modified crops we are actually putting foreign DNA into our bodies. All these centuries we have been evolving on this planet we have never encountered this DNA before - that can't be good, can it?

Food manufacturers for the big supermarket chains are not really obliged to let you know exactly what genetically modified ingredients are in the food. The only way you can eliminate the chance of eating modified ingredients is to buy proven organic foods.

Organic food better for Livestock

The feed that is forced down livestock's mouths these days is made up of all manner of quite horrible things. I'm not going to go into detail on most of these ingredients but things like animal carcasses are sometimes included. The livestock are give all different antibiotics to keep themselves healthy against the feed they are being fed - no kind of life really.

Personally, animal well-fare is something I will always stand by and one of the ways to do this is to buy organic food. At least then you are sure the animal has not been forced to live it's existence in a box or a dark pen. Price is always a factor for most people and it's the same with me, unfortunately organic food will cost more than conventional food but your health should always outweigh this.

Health Benefits of Organic Foods - Food 4 Wealth Review

As you've probably noticed with this site we will review and offer products that are related to the category of each page. The main product related to this page is called Food 4 Wealth. Food 4 Wealth is product that has been created by Johnathan White. He is an expert in horticulture and a environmental scientist, not bad credentials to have when it comes to organic foods.

The product is designed to teach an individual without any experience to pick up some garden tools and start growing organic food immediately. The Food 4 Wealth system provides a technique that regenerates food with as little as 8 hours gardening a year. 

So what is the product? In physical format Food 4 Wealth is an e-book and video combined. The e-book is set out in an easy to follow step-by-step system and covers food that can be grown all year round.

The most obvious difference between Food 4 Wealth and other organic products is that is is based on ecology. Basically, this means you will not be creating an organic garden but more of a natural habitat for your organic food.

As mentioned earlier the product is an e-book and a video. The book is excellent but what stands it apart is the actual video section. I say video but you should know that the product actually offers you 14 do-it-yourself videos. These videos are a godsend as they are very well set out and if you're like me then you may prefer to see how to do things rather than read how to do them. 

The system is very easy to set up and it takes a lot less space than normal organic gardens. Since the area is smaller you might think that the produced crops will also be smaller but this is not the case - the crops produced by this system are much larger than normal.

The Pros And Cons of Food 4 Wealth 

The Pros 

  • The product actually works and the outcome is very good for your health.
  • It's not to much work and it is surprisingly easy to maintain.
  • If you are new to this it is easy to get started with and the product is in a simple step by step format.
  • It is very cost effective, especially if you plan to sell some of your produce.
  • No weeds or damaging pests.
  • You will save a lot of money on food bills considering organic vegetables cost so much these days.
  • The system will work virtually anywhere, apartments, harsh climates, balconies.

The Cons 

  • Some people are not happy about reading off a computer screen, they like a physical book in their hands with pages to turn. Remember, this product is an 'e-book' and videos.
  • There is a lot of information contained within this product and even though it is set out in step-by-step format it is a lot to digest. You have to take your time to read ALL of the information.
  • The item is sold by clickbank which means depending on where you live, you might have to pay a minimal VAT fee when purchasing the product.

If you would like to find out more information about the Food 4 Wealth product there is a direct link to the official website below:


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