Home Cooking Recipes

In this day and age eating out has become more convenient way to feed ourselves. Is this a good thing? It depends on the individual, but do you really know what you are putting inside your body when you leave the cooking up to someone else - no! Another option people tend to be leaning towards is processed foods, they are cheaper but again what exactly is inside them?

Cooking at home has many great advantages and there are many reasons for doing so you can decide what you are going to buy, prepare and eat. This leads to every meal being a lot more healthy and nutritious for you and your family members. You have complete control over the amount of salt and sugar added to the meals along with all other unhealthy additives. 

It's worth noting that if you are planning on creating some healthy home cooking recipes you will need some decent cooking equipment. If you have the right equipment then it will make the task of cooking easier and this will make cooking at home more enjoyable.

Money is a big factor in the decision to eat good home cooking recipes instead of constantly eating out. The amount of money you will save by a clever weekly shop along with cooking at home will make a big difference to your monthly savings.

Children will benefit from seeing you preparing meals and cooking at home. You should also try and get them involved in the process.

By teaching your children how to use the gourmet cookware and what food are healthy and which ones should be avoided you are helping them to grow up understanding meals better. If you are worried about your children's fitness and general health then recipe home cooking will eliminate these worries as well.


400 Best-Ever Recipes: Fat Free, Low Fat

This product is a 512 paged book that covers 400 fat free low cholesterol recipes. The meals cover your day to day meals and also special occasions. 

Amazingly, over half the meals included inside the book contain less than 5 grams of fat per serving. There is easy-to-read nutritional info included next to each recipe or meal explaining to you how much fat is included in each one.

If you are interested in finding out more about this product including user reviews and 'about the author' then simply click the link provided below:


Making Corned Beef - Cheap Home Cooking

Making corned beef used to be very popular due to the fact that it was a very traditional recipe. With the introduction of the larger supermarkets the processed version of the food did not take long to appear on the shelves and quickly overtook the traditional recipe. I, myself, was in my early teens before I realized corned beef was once a traditional recipe, the following is a home cooking recipe for making corned beef.

So what do you need for making corned beef? First of all there are many different beef cuts you can use to create corn beef. As an example you can use:

  • Brisket
  • Round roast
  • Boneless chunk roast
  • Eye of round
Curing the beef is the initial step, you can do this by soaking the meat in brine and a salt mixture. You may also add your spices at this point, I recommend paprika, thyme and sage.

For this example we will be using zip bags for the corning process. Trim the meat and place into the spices and brine mixture then place into the bags. Pour the remainder of the mixture into the bags.

Get yourself a large bowl and place the air-tight bags into it. Put ten pounds of weight onto the bags and put in refrigerator. Every six or so hours massage the bags to ensure the mixture is getting into the meat. 

You should cure the meat for approximately 2 weeks and once this is done open the bags and poor meat into a large bowl of water.

The soaking in water is necessary to remove the excess salts in the meat. This should be done over the period of 24 hours. The meat is ready to be cooked now but do not think your meat will look like the commercial meat pictured above. Making corned beef at home will result in the meat looking a grayish color but this is typical - it will taste even nicer than the food-colored, preservative filled commercial meat.

How to Cook Barbecue Chicken

The summer season brings with it the popularity of the backyard barbecue - especially with the male population. Most foods like sausages and burgers are reasonably easy to cook but you would be surprised on how many people don't know how to cook barbecue chicken. There are only two simple steps you should be considering when it comes to how to cook barbecue chicken - the preparation and the cooking. 

When learning how to cook barbecue chicken, the first thing to remember is that the marinade or the sauce that is used while cooking is extremely important. Always leave the chicken to marinade over night as it provides plenty of time for the meat to absorb the sauce and not lose the taste in the cooking process.

A lot of people just throw the chicken breasts onto the grill and hope for the best - food poisoning alert! It much safer, easier way is to cut the breasts into steaks and gently cook them over the outside grill/barbecue. 

I mentioned to gently cook the chicken because so many people make the mistake of overcooking the chicken and making it brittle. 

Care should be taken to sear either side of steak, while still keeping the center portion of the steak tender. If you are still a little unsure and worried about not cooking the chicken sufficiently then you should try cooking over a lower flame for longer. If you are interested in learning how to cook barbecue foods check out the Barbecue Bible which contains over 500 barbecue recipes - there is a direct link to the book below:


How To Cook Shrimp - Cooking Classes In Your Home

If you are new to cooking shrimp and you want to try it out then you should really learn how to cook shrimp first. The first 'how to cook shrimp' tip is to try and purchase shrimp that is frozen and has it's shell on. You can buy shrimp with their shells on but you should really learn how to cook shrimp with their shells on - they protect the shrimp meat and they also add unique flavor. 

First things first you are going to have to boil a couple of pints of water and add a small amount of salt to it. You can also add a bit of lemon juice to the water if you want. Once you have brought the water to the boil turn off the heat and add the shrimps all at once.

From here it is really quite easy - gently simmer the shrimps for about five minutes - you will want to check to see if the shrimp is done by cutting one in half. If the flesh is opaque throughout then the shrimp is done.

If you cooked them with the shell on then you will have to remove the shells and lay fish on a tray/platter. Take note - this is only one of the ways how to cook shrimp and there are more elaborate ways.

If you are interested in discovering more elaborate and interesting ways to cook shrimp and other shellfish you may be interested in reading through Simply Shellfish - a book full of quick and easy shellfish recipes, there is a direct link to the book provided below: 



How To Cook Pork

There are many different reasons to learn how to cook pork properly, the main one is probably health. Now, I'm not saying pork is poison but there is a possibility you could get sick if you do not know how to cook pork properly. There are many different recipes that include pork and they will normally advise you how to cook the pork for that particular meal. What you must make sure is that the pork is cooked to a temperature of 160 degrees F before you can assume it is truly safe to eat.

When you are cooking smaller pieces of pork they will reach 160 degrees F a lot quicker. The recipe you are attempting will advise you how to cook pork but it is up to you to make sure it reaches this temperature, no matter how big or small the meat. 

So how do we make sure the pork is the correct temperature, simple - purchase a food thermometer.  They are cheap enough and very handy when learning how to cook pork. It will save you from having to nervously guess when the pork is ready. The thermometer only leaves a tiny hole in the pork so it is not easily noticed ( if you have visitors over ). Listed below are a few pork and meat products that may interest you if you feel you need more information on how to cook pork:


How to Cook Salmon

There are a lot of good reasons for finding out how to cook salmon properly. The salmon is known for being very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3 acids are known to help prevention of heart disease, prevention of high blood pressure and arthritis. 

So, back to the subject - how to cook salmon? beginners should really go for the center piece of salmon when buying and keep the skin on it. If you keep the skin on the salmon it will help keep the fish together when it's cooking. For this example we will be grilling the salmon. First of all season the salmon with salt and pepper and maybe try brushing on a little olive oil.

A rule of thumb that comes with how to cook salmon is that for every half inch of thickness will need 5 minutes of cooking. Put the flesh side down on the grill first of all - this will lead to very professional grill marks across the fish. This is how easy it is to learn how to cook salmon. Remember - 5 minutes for every half inch of fish meat and you cannot go wrong!

If you are interested in learning more elaborate ways to cook your salmon you may want to try 75 Quick and Easy Salmon Recipes, great ideas for every occasion shown in a step by step format. If you are interested in finding out more about this book simply click the direct link below:


How To Cook Lobster

These days people are tending to lean towards the pre-cooked method of eating lobster but this unfortunately leaves the lobster meat a little spongy. It is a much better option to learn how to cook lobster correctly from fresh to achieve better results. Not that long ago people were putting their lobsters into a pan of boiling water to cook but this is obviously thought of as inhumane by today's standards. 

So, how to cook lobster in a humane fashion - Use a knife and plunge it into the lobsters body directly behind it's head, do it quickly in one movement and it will kill the lobster instantly and without to much distress. If you do not like the idea of plunging a knife into the lobster then there is another humane method you can use. This second method involves using a freezer to slowly make the lobster unconscious and eventually will kill it peacefully. This is not inhumane as lobsters are used to lurking about in the dark cold waters of the ocean at very cold temperatures. 

So now you know how to prepare the lobster correctly we arrive at how to cook lobster properly. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Salt the water so that it is as salty as sea water. The way to tell if it's sea water like is if a raw egg floats it is salty enough. When the water has reached a full boil, drop the lobster in carefully and put the lid on the pot. Next turn down the heat until the water is simmering instead of boiling - leave to boil for approximately 20 minutes.

This is how to cook lobster the correct way and the humane way. There is nothing quite like freshly cooked traditional lobster!

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