Oil Filled Radiator Heater - How They Work

So why is an oil filled radiator heater so different to the other types of heaters on the market? With a oil filled radiator the coils hold the oil for heating and not for burning. This means that the oil does not need to be replaced or refilled - very handy and efficient really! A lot of these portable oil filled radiator have protective covers that protect kids and pets from touching the very hot heating elements that are on show. They are usually designed with a large surface area so they are able to heat up a room successfully.

So why would you choose one of these oil filled radiant heaters instead of a different type of heater - after all, there are a few to choose out of. They are known for being very safe heaters and they are very silent, a lot of portable heaters make a bit of a racket when in use.

These types of radiators are very useful if you have a chilly room in your life - it could be a bedroom, a bathroom and even a office. They are mostly extremely portable and can spot-heat anywhere.

These heaters are great if you tend to feel the cold a little bit more than others. How often have you had the family or co-workers complain about the heat of the building? With these types of heaters you can heat only the area that you occupy and avoid cooking everyone else in the building.


Hyundai Oil Filled Radiator 800watt, Adjustable Thermostat & 3 Heat Settings

This is a 800w Oil Filled radiator with a adjustable thermostat. It maintains heat without large running costs and is in a portable format with a carrying handle. 

You are able to purchase a separate thermostat controller to switch the heater on and off in an automated process or you can simply turn the thermostat on and off yourself.

Reviews have suggested that the assembly of the product is very easy and can be carried out in a matter of minutes. The box weight of the product is 5kg. The item is 230 V - 240 V and 50Hz and commands a low price. If you are looking for more information on this product along with more user-reviews simply click the link below:

Oil Filled Radiator Heater - Safety Issues

It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to any oil filled process. Yes there are a lot of oil filled radiator heaters out there and yes they all meet regulations and are safe but it's always good to know you've covered all angles. For example, you may think there is nothing wrong with using an extension cable on your oil heater but what happens if the extension cable cannot handle the wattage the heater uses? Cheap extension cables will not be able to safely handle most oil filled radiators so go that extra mile and pay the small price extra for a decent one.

Some of the oil radiator models come with fixed wheels. Now I have nothing against these personally but if you have children in the house this can become a danger.

If the heater is on an even, sturdy ground then it will move easily if bumped or pushed by a child - this can cause the power cable to stretch and finally come loose from it's fixings.

Buying a cheaper model of portable oil filled radiator will result on you not getting an internal timer included. If you go for the more expensive models then they will come with these already fitted - not necessary but safer all the same! 

De'Longhi Bambino TRN0505M Oil Filled Radiator, 500 Watt

This is a compact oil filled radiator which has a 500 Watt heat output. For safety issues there is a overheat safety thermostat and thermal cut out.

The manufacturers description of the heater is as follows -

'The Bambino range offers the powerful and durable heat of a De'Longhi oil-filled radiator while providing a compact heating solution for smaller rooms. With a 500 Watt heat outut and adjustable room thermostat to set and automatically maintain the desired temperature, the Bambino TRN0505M is a versatile heating option.

It has a safe, smooth profile with rounded edges as well as overheat safety cut-out, carry handles for easy transport and low running costs, making it as safe a heating solution as it is economical.'

The product dimensions are 33 X 16 X 38cm and it has a boxed product weight of 6kg. Inside the boxed product you will find the complete 500 Watt radiator, full product instructions and a plug. If you would like to find out more information about this product and examine some users reviews simply click the link provided below:


Reasons to Consider a DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator

Many of you have probably come across a Delonghi oil filled radiator like the one reviewed above but what are the main reasons listed for getting one? Most of us, regardless of the type of heating source, find heating bills very expensive and difficult to keep up with ( especially through the winter months ).

These types of heaters are wonderfully economic and supplement your heating brilliantly. They allow you to turn down your central heating and heat rooms/areas economically. I usually use one in the mornings to heat up a cold bathroom or bedroom - especially when I'm in a hurry.

If you think about the older types of heaters regarded as 'space heaters' there is a real safety issue. Really hot coils or elements were always offering a lit bit of a danger especially if kicked over. The newer, oil filled radiators have built in safety features which stops the heaters being a problem is knocked over.

Noise was also, always an issue with the older models. The DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator has vertical tube tunnels and fins that heat and warm the air around them. For a very reasonable cost that rivals many other leading companies models you can have these wonderful oil filled radiator heaters from DeLonghi.

These types of oil filled radiators are very popular with the elderly, in particular the models with wheels. This allows them  to easily move the heater from room to room giving them extra heat when needed. 

Oil Filled Radiator 2kw Black Slimline

This is an oil filled radiator heater with a heating capacity of 2kw. It is designed for easy use in any home with easy controls and a carrying handle. There is also an integral chord system with a plug storage port.

The item is mounted on casters ( for easy movement from room to room ) and has three simple to use heating settings. Like most models, the thermostat is adjustable. The items weight is 12kg - 13kg when it is in a boxed format. If you are interested in finding out more about this product or reading some user reviews simply click the link provided below:


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Other Recommended Oil Filled Radiators

Here we list a few other oil radiators which come highly recommended and sold with confidence by Amazon:


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