Building A Chicken Coop

Ever fancied the idea of having a daily yield of fresh, organic eggs as opposed to the cruel caged eggs sold in most supermarkets and stores? Building your own backyard chicken coop will supply you with these eggs and give your birds the free open space that they deserve. You can go out to your local outdoors store and purchase a ready-made commercial chicken coop house but why spend all that money. By purchasing chicken coop designs and plans you can construct your own chicken coop for about half the price of a ready-made example. 

 Designs For Chicken Coops - Chicken Coop Flooring

So what are you looking for when deciding on what chicken coop flooring to use on your chicken houses and runs? You are looking for something that is not expensive, will remain healthy for your chickens and something that is easy to use. The following are the safe options you can choose from:


This is the most popular choice when it comes to flooring for a chicken coop but it is not necessarily the best choice. This is down to the fact that wood is very porous and therefore it will have a tendency to rot and become unhealthy. One tip is to paint the wood in very durable paint but then you do have the paint fumes and chemicals to think about and how it will effect your chickens.


Personally, I think this option is a bit to expensive. It is also a bit susceptible to rot due to chicken waste - it won't really be my first choice of material.


This will not rot - it's a good choice for a durable material. The main drawback is the expense of it, a little too expensive for most of us unfortunately.


This is the most obvious of choices for me. It's organic and natural, it costs nothing, it's easy to install and the dirt will slowly develop into compost. When this happens clean out the coop with new earth and use the 'high quality' compost on the rest of your garden.

Building Plans For Chicken Coops

The idea of building a chicken coop may seem a little daunting but Bill Keane has designed a simpler way to construct a chicken coop using his own chicken coop designs and plans. Building a chicken coop is his e-book product and he states that it is very easy to understand and very simple to implement. with this product you are able to build chicken houses and runs without being a qualified carpenter. The book is full of instructions along with detailed diagrams to help you along. Inside the book the plans for building a chicken coop are set out in a step-by-step method which is easy for even the most un-experienced of carpenters.

Chicken Houses And Runs - What Information Does The Book Contain?

There are four main factors that the book covers in detail:

1. The building location of the coop.

2. The materials needed for building chicken coop.

3. The various designs and which one will suit you.

4. The space adjustments.

The Pros And Cons Of This Product

The Pros - The first thing you notice about this product is the low price of the e-book when compared to what you actually get. $30 is nothing when you think about the amount of money you are actually saving by not buying a ready-made coop. The product is also available to download at any time of the day, 7 days a week. Absolutely anyone can have success with the product because of the simple way it is laid out for you. There is a 60 days full refund offer with this book so anyone can try it and return it if it's not what they were looking for.

The Cons - The only downside to this product that I found was the amount of time it takes to complete a chicken coop project. Even with all the excellent information it is still going to be a long-term project - don't expect to be finished in a week because that is not going to happen.

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