Garden Landscaping Ideas

Do you long for your garden to welcome you home every night you return from work? Are you tired of your hedgerows being nothing but a graveyard of empty bottles? Garden landscape planning could be the answer you have been looking for. Gardens are a very important part of a family's property ( especially if you have children ) and they should be given as much care and consideration as possible. The same applies to everyone - it does not matter if you own a country estate, a tired old patio, faded decking or a large windowsill. Everyone deserves somewhere in their home area they can call a garden. There are so many unique landscape garden ideas around these days that you really have no excuse - think ideas for landscaping!

Landscape Gardening Ideas - Rule Number One: Plan Your Garden

When we start on something new we all get excited, this is a fact of life. So me telling you to stop what your doing before you've even started your garden landscaping plans will probably come as a bit of a downer.

Unfortunately, this is a necessity and in the long run it will save you a lot of money and keep the frustration at bay. Never set out a timetable for the landscaping and gardening ideas - this is important. If your stuck-up relative is staying through July do not rush the garden and have it ready for them - you will only end up with a garden you never really wanted. Ideas for landscaping will only work if you take the time to plan out every little detail in advance.

Garden Landscaping Plans - Gardens In High Temperatures

If your local climate is usually on the warmer side then landscaping and gardening ideas will have to be slightly adjusted to have any chance of working. The choice of plants is going to take a lot more thought for starters and the watering regime will also need to be altered to suit the weather. If you lean towards the type of plants that will wilt in hot summer weather then you will have to plant 'stronger' plants around them. These stronger plants will act as a buffer to the weaker plants and stop them from folding in the heat. These stronger plants are often referred to as 'sun shades'.

There is also the option of building a water feature near your sun-threatened plant life. A waterfall is always an attractive sight and will provide minor amounts of moisture to the nearby plants. Constant watering of the plants will not help matters, as a general rule of thumb I water once in the morning and once when it is starting to go dark at night. The only occasion you should water these sort of plants when they are in direct sunlight is if they are wilting.

Small Water Features - Landscaped Garden Ideas

There are a lot of different factors that make up a successful garden but the most important has got to be water. A DIY water feature can really put the finishing touches to a garden as long as you live in an area where water is readily available. 

There are a few options for you to choose from but my favorites are:

  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Cascades
  • Ponds.

Water features, once fitted, are really not that hard to maintain. Most water features use something called 'sump' and this is basically the driving force or heartbeat of the feature. The sump is basically a water reservoir that is kept out of sight - usually inside the water feature or underground, below the feature. The sump recycles water and sends it back through the water feature. If your water feature does not have a sump then there is a good chance it is using a pump. These pumps will obviously need some sort of power supply but an added benefit is that constantly moving water will always appear a lot cleaner. You do not want to use chemicals to keep the water clean if you have plants in the near vicinity. 

The Elements of Landscape Design

The elements of landscape design are what makes your garden aesthetically pleasing. There are 5 main elements:

  • Color - A  very important element, color must be complementary to the look of the garden
  • Line - This is used to draw attention to certain areas of your garden.
  • Form - this is usually lines of trees and bushes to create patterns in the garden.
  • Texture - This is primarily the different textures of the plant life used in the garden.
  • Scale - your garden design should always compliment the overall scale of the buildings surrounding it ( house, shed etc. ).

Garden Landscape Design Ideas - Ideas4Landscaping

Ideas4Landscaping is a complete landscaping product offering a large amount of landscaping design ideas along with detailed videos. The product is set up to offer you over 7250 step-by-step blueprints and plans to achieve your dream garden area. The product works out to be a massive database of landscape design ideas and the e-book section is over 300 pages long with 60 categories to choose out of. 

The categories mentioned above are far to many to list here but I will give you a taster of the more popular ones:

  • Lawns
  • Patio sections
  • backyard
  • front yard/garden
  • Decks

So what does Ideas4Landscaping offer you that other landscaping products or sites do not? Well firstly, you have got to be impressed with the range of designs to choose from. With every type of landscape type offered there are multiple designs so variety will never be a problem.

I'm not an expert at landscaping by any stretch of the imagination and this was not a problem when it came to this product. It is set up to aid complete beginners and also compliment professional landscapers. 

As with most online products these days you expect a bonus when you purchase Ideas4Landscaping and you won't be disappointed. You will receive bonus videos on landscaping which have been tailored to deal with problems beginners may face and give you a brilliant visual aid in learning. 

Pictures and videos are a relief when it comes to learning something. I'm not a fan of reading through page after page of information without some sort of visual aid - I find it easier. Ideas4Landscaping offers you fully colored and detailed pictures to help you along the way.

I tried the product out without a real view to buying it - I tried it out to review. I was able to do this because the product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You are in no danger with Ideas4Landscaping because if you are not 100% satisfied you can recoup what was spent. It also proves the owner of the product is standing behind it with confidence in it's effectiveness.

So was I a 100% satisfied? Well, not a 100% but it did come close. The only problem I have with these online systems and e-books is the confusion related to page and diagram reading. I find a proper book with a bookmark much easier to follow than clicking through pages on a computer screen. If you are interested in finding out more information about Ideas4Landscaping then simply click the link below to be taken to the official website:


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