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Betterhomes And Gardens is a site set out to cover all your garden designs and ideas and all your home improvement needs. From all aspects of modern day gardening to advice and options on how to improve your home. On this site each category has been given it's own page for easier navigation. For a more detailed list of the various categories covered by this site please view the section below. A site for rural gardening and urban gardening & rural homes and urban homes. 

We are not only here to help you find home improvement but also to point you in the direction of affordable home improvement which is essential in the modern day financial climate.

Most people think the only way to create a monetary gain from housing in this climate is to sell your home. This is just not true - why not improve your home and your garden area to add value to it? There are a lot of obvious advantages to improving your home but the most important is that you could end up with all the space you need to turn your house and garden into the perfect home for you.

How To Improve Your Home

So how do you improve your home? there are basic ideas you can implement straight away and there are also more diverse, specialized ways ( covered in the pages of this site ) to improve your property. The most obvious way I can think of to instantly improve your house is a reasonably easy one - paint! You will be so surprised the difference a splash of paint gives to a property and it's surrounding gardens. 

Revamping is always a good idea if you are short of funds. What do I mean by revamping? Take your kitchen for example - it's easy for a kitchen to look tired and greasy over time, that's just the nature of it's function. Instead of tearing out the old kitchen and purchasing a new one why not revamp the unit doors and add some reasonable ( but flashy ) new handles. The kitchen will get a new lease of life for a small amount of money.

These big hardware and D.I.Y. stores can be very pricey. It may seem a little obvious but always visit the big stores in the allotted sale months. If your just looking for paint you can usually find a 2 for 1 deal somewhere in-store but with a big sale you can get reductions on tiles, lights, furniture, bathrooms and kitchen units.

Have a really thorough clean out! There is a page on this site dedicated to decluttering and this can make your house feel a lot more spacious. Whilst this can be very good for your overall mood while being in and around the house, the space created can make your house a lot more attractive to future potential buyers.

Ever heard of re-glazing? This is a great little trick you can use on a tired and grubby bathroom. Replacing this type of bathroom will cost a lot of money but for a fraction of the price you can get your bathtub and sinks re-glazed. The bathroom will look brand new and shiny with re-glazed amenities and a bit of a general clean up.

Creating a Home That Works 

If you are looking to succeed with a home improvement project the whole family needs to get in on the act. Here we'll discuss home improvements that work. If you have kids then you will know how difficult it is to supervise them when they  get homework. So, because of this, the first tip on how to improve your home would be to create a homework area somewhere in the vicinity of the kitchen.

A homework area will have to contain a computer and all the items kids will need to complete their homework ( without having to leave the desk ). The main thing you should keep in mind is that you want the homework area to be close enough to the kitchen for you to supervise them at all times. 

When looking for ideas on how to improve your home keep in mind the actual size of your living room. I say this because a lot of families don''t realize that their living rooms are probably to small to fit the whole family in comfortably. One way how to improve your home would be to create a 'family room'. A family room can be used for activities or even something as simple as an extra TV room ( one which you can all fit into for a TV event ). For example a basement, these can be converted into great family rooms.

If you catch up on a lot of work at home then an office can be a great way to improve your home. When you need peace and quite and want to get work done without the distraction of the rest of the family then an office can be a real godsend. 

Another tip on how to improve your home would be to concentrate on the master bedroom. There is no point one of the kids having the largest bedroom in the house - this room should be for you and your spouse, a complete getaway for you both. Some people even prefer to add a small desk with a PC in the master bedroom. Though I've never been that keen of having a work area in my bedroom, you can easily hide it behind a screened area and never realize it's there until you want to use it.

Included Categories

These are just some of the categories Betterhomes And Gardens covers within it's website:

- Garden Plans

- Landscaping

- General D.I.Y.

- Aquaponics & Hydroponic Gardening

- Lawn & Yard Care ( General Gardening )

- Chicken Coops

- Interior Design

- How To And Home Improvements

- Recipes & Cooking

- And Much More.

For easy navigation around the website please feel free to use the page tabs at the top of every webpage. We are also including recommended products on DIY home improvement projects and garden projects displayed at the bottom of each related page.

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